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    One in twelve
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    Your family
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Know your risk

Understanding your
family history of
bowel cancer just could
save your life!

Family tree
One in twelve
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Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer related death in Australia.

It can effect both men & women
1 in 12
Your family
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Is bowel cancer
in your family?

Your risk of developing
bowel cancer might be a lot higher
than the average person

6 times
Early detection
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Early detection saves lives!
Early detection

Bowel cancer is 90% curable
if detected early.

Know your risk!
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Know Your Risk is an easy interactive website
that builds your family tree and helps you
understand your risk of developing bowel cancer.

When finished, you will be presented with a personal risk
assessment that you can discuss with your doctor or share with
family members.

Start your family tree
build a
family tree
to see your
risk of bowel
6 times
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